Commercial litigation and dispute resolution

“I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people. Often by the time people come to see a lawyer they’re in a pretty stressful situation. It’s great to be able to solve the thing that’s stressing them.”
- Adrian O’Dea, Partner
Our firm has been involved in commercial litigation for years. We represent companies, not-for-profits and individuals in disputes related to many areas of law.
Many things make us stand out from the crowd. It’s our commercial common sense. Our practical negotiation skills. And our steadfast belief that by observing the highest ethical standards at all times, we are acting in your best interests.
Whether your matter relates to breach of contract, intellectual property, professional negligence, debt recovery, disputed estates, deceptive conduct or another sphere of law, our experienced litigators can assist you in the way most likely to speed the resolution of your case.
We have acted for many corporate clients on matters under the Trade Practices Act, the Corporations Act and the Fair Trading Act. When required, we issue creditor’s statutory demands and bankruptcy notices. And we help many anxious individuals resolve problems which are depriving them of sleep, sometimes just by giving them good advice quickly.
Experience has shown us that costly litigation can often be avoided with the right mix of negotiation, tact and skill. Our lawyers are universally recognised for their ability to defuse potential legal battles and create peace between hostile parties.
You can rest assured that if all attempts at mediation or other methods of alternative dispute resolution fail, we will fight your matter tooth and nail. It’s part of doing everything within our power to achieve your desired result. But going to court will never be the first option for us. It’s the course we take if the more consensual approaches don’t succeed.