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Medical Negligence - Cosmetic Surgery - Your Rights

Have you suffered an injury due to a cosmetic surgery procedure?

Medical Negligence - Cosmetic Surgery

You’ve suffered an injury due to a cosmetic surgery procedure, what do you do now?

If you’ve suffered any type of injury whilst having cosmetic surgery, you need to ensure your rights are protected and your entitlements secured. Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers are experts in cosmetic surgery medical negligence claims and can get you the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured by a medical practitioner during a cosmetic surgery procedure then Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers will stand with you to set things right.

Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers work with care and support during what can often be a challenging and stressful time.

If you think you have been given inadequate medical advice or treatment or a medical practitioner has breached their duty of care, contact us today. We offer a free no obligation consultation and we will also run your case under our no-win no-fee to us policy. To view our policy click here.

Did you know?

There is a 3 year limit within which to bring a claim, but the time at which the 3 year clock starts to run isn’t always clear. It is best to get legal advice on this issue, even if your treatment was more than 3 years ago.

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