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For decades, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers have been at the forefront of change. Over the years our work has helped give access to justice to ordinary and marginalised Australians. Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers work for individuals and large and small companies across many industries. Whether we assist you with a workplace dispute, property transaction, commercial advice, or a compensation claim, we’ll complete your work to the highest standard. When it matters, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers will be by your side.
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When it matters, at Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers we speak your language.

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Greg Barns

Greg Barns

Published on 20 Aug 2019

Topic: Jury selection reform in the age of trial by media In the second decade of the Digital Age are we asking too much of juries and risking fair trials in the process? With the plethora of devices and search platforms available to us all is it still reasonable to expect jurors - no matter how well directed - to not search the history of a defendant or the circumstances of the case on which they are empanelled? Are we naive to think that it doesn’t happen? And in a world where True Crime Podcasts can canvas so much material - prejudicial and otherwise - before a suspect is charged or even before trial has commenced, can we reasonably expect ordinary men and women to be able to set aside all they may have heard or seen about a case in order to pass objective judgement beyond reasonable doubt? Greg Barns examines the issues.

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Statement from Marie and Mitch Cruz

Published on 5 Aug 2019 by Katherine Driscoll

Our daughter Caitlin was born on 5 January 2013 and died 23 October 2016. She was 3 years, 10 months and 19 days old when she died at The Children’s Hospital Westmead. We are seeking a Coronial Inquest to help answer our questions as to why our daughter lost her life. This is her story.

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How to finalise your financial relationship effectively…no short cuts allowed

Published on 5 Jul 2019 by Kristie James

Cutting corners is a fact of life. We vacuum around rather than under things, we paint beside a cupboard instead of behind it, we use full cream if we don’t have skim and if we can, we print two sided.  But if there is one area of our lives in which you shouldn’t cut corners it is finalising your financial relationship following its breakdown.

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helping those in need.

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