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For decades, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers have been at the forefront of change. Over the years our work has helped give access to justice to ordinary and marginalised Australians. Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers work for individuals and large and small companies across many industries. Whether we assist you with a workplace dispute, property transaction, commercial advice, or a compensation claim, we’ll complete your work to the highest standard. When it matters, Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers will be by your side.
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When it matters, at Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers we speak your language.

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Section 151D applications — more difficult with time

Section 151D applications — more difficult with time

Published on 5 Dec 2018 by James McEnaney

Applications to extend the limitation period in work injury damages matters are typically a risky proposition, particularly given the wide and unfettered discretion granted to the court.

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NSW Court of Appeal upholds knee replacement ruling that rewrites NSW’s Workers’ Compensation Laws and gives hope to other injured workers

Published on 26 Nov 2018 by Peter Lleonart

The NSW Court of Appeal has upheld an earlier decision of the Workers Compensation Commission which found in favour of an injured NSW railway worker being able to claim compensation for a knee replacement deemed medically necessary as a result of a workplace injury he suffered 17 years earlier.

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The Burning Issue of Regulatory Action in Victoria and NSW for Aluminium Composite Cladding

Published on 23 Oct 2018 by Ben Robertson

The involvement of aluminium composite panel cladding (ACP) in fires in multi-storey residential buildings in Australia and internationally, most notably in the Lacrosse apartment building in Melbourne in 2014 and the Grenfell Tower in London in 2017, has rippled a shockwave of concern amongst property owners, building industry participants, insurers and regulators.

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