Perhaps you have been injured whilst working as a contractor on private property or visiting a public building such as a shopping centre, car park, on public transport or at a large event?

If this has happened to you or a member of your family, it’s important to get the right legal advice quickly to ensure your rights are protected and that’s where Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers can help.

Our Lawyers have years of skill and experience in helping clients with Public Liability claims get just compensation for injuries suffered.

We have been helping thousands of people just like you secure fair and just outcomes and work with clients with care and support, ensuring that you know quickly if you have a claim and clearly explaining the process every step of the way.

When it matters to have the best advice on Public Liability Claims, talk to our Compensation Law experts at Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers.

Did you know...

That you might be eligible for compensation, if you have suffered an injury in a public place, although it is crucial that court proceedings commence within 3 years from the date of the accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most commonly asked questions about Public Liability

At the time of the accident, if possible;

  • Report the accident to the site owner, site operator or other qualified person connected with the site of your accident.
  • Make sure they record the details of your accident and take their name and job title.
  • Take photos of the site where the injury occurred.
  • Record any names & contact details of potential witnesses.

Ensure you attend a medical examination from a trusted medical professional who will note your injures in their clinical records.

If you are asked to take a statement from a representative of the company or organisation, seek legal advice before you sign the statement.

Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers will be by your side to help you with this.

A lawyer can advise you of your legal rights and whether you have a viable claim.

If you have been injured in a public place, it is a good idea to seek legal advice as soon as you can as it is not always obvious if you do have a claim.

Compensation Lawyers

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Howard Harrison

Partner | Sydney

One of the most experienced litigators in Australia, Howard Harrison is a Partner of Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers. With 40 years of experience in litigation, compensation law and church law, he represents

Hanaan Indari

Managing Partner | Sydney, Wollongong

As an expert litigation partner, Hanaan Indari has successfully conducted many thousands of cases since joining Carroll and O'Dea Lawyers in 1997.

Robert Algie

Partner | Campbelltown

As partner in the Compensation Law Team at Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, Robert has a significant interest in medico-legal law.

Michael Barnes

Partner | Sydney

Michael’s depth of experience, ability to get to the heart of an issue and communication skills put him at the top of employment & industrial law and personal injury.

Tim Concannon

Partner | Sydney

Tim Concannon is one of Australia’s leading experts in personal injury law.

Scott Dougall

Partner | Parramatta

Scott Dougall is the partner in charge of the Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers Parramatta office, servicing Western Sydney and beyond.

Diana Farah

Partner | Canberra, Sydney

Diana is one of Australia’s most highly respected practitioners in the areas of compensation law.

Julia Harrison

Partner | Sydney

Julia is a leading compensation and personal injury lawyer. A partner in the firm's compensation division, Julia appears regularly for both plaintiffs and defendants.

David Jones

Partner | Newcastle, Port Stephens, Tuggerah

One of NSW’s most experienced personal injury lawyers, David is the Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers partner responsible for the Port Stephens office.

Peter Lleonart

Partner | Parramatta

Peter has a strong personal injury practice because he knows what clients need and he prioritises delivering outcomes for clients when it matters.

Olivia Mailian

Partner | Sydney

Olivia’s early professional work in journalism and public relations has set the foundation for her legal practice, which focus on practical and cost effective strategies.

Maithri Panagoda AM

Partner | Sydney

Educated in both Sydney and Sri Lanka, Maithri has over 40 years experience in litigation and dispute resolution. Maithri is regularly invited to present seminars to lawyers and university students.

Martin Slattery

Partner | Melbourne, Sydney

Martin’s diverse career – journalist, guitarist, lawyer – means he has the life experience and the professional expertise to provide what his clients want when it matters.

Emily Katheklakis

Partner | Sydney

Emily Katheklakis has achieved successful outcomes for clients across the whole spectrum of personal injury matters.

David Tarrant

Partner | Sydney

As a Partner in the compensation law team with a background as a clinical nurse specialist. David has a solid understanding of his clients injuries and the healthcare system.

Bill Madden

Special Counsel | Sydney

Bill Madden is an experienced civil liability lawyer with particular interests in medical litigation and in intentional abuse litigation.

Paul Ohm

Special Counsel | Parramatta, Sydney

Paul is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law with the NSW Law Society and has been since 2002.

Rebecca Tidswell

Special Counsel | Sydney

Rebecca Tidswell has over 20 years experience in litigation focusing specifically on complex medical law issues, as well as estate disputes.