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Adoption is the legal process by which the legal rights and responsibilities of being a parent are transferred from the child’s birth parents to adoptive parents. Adoption is an order of great finality that is made in the Supreme Court of NSW.

Private/step parent adoption

We are able to provide legal advice and services if you want to adopt:

  • stepchildren
  • adult children
  • children to whom you are related.

Agency Adoption

We are able to provide legal services for people adopting a child who has been placed with them through an Adoption Agency, including:

  • preparing Court documents
  • liaising with the Adoption Agency
  • filing documents at Court.

The Adoption Process

It’s a time when you need careful advice and guidance through the legal aspects of the adoption process.

At Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, we delight in helping prospective adoptive parents through these legal steps. This involves consulting with you, preparing documents and liaising with the Adoption Agency and the Supreme Court.

We aim to meet the growing needs of people for sensitive and understanding services in adoption matters.

Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers has extensive experience in dealing with step parent adoptions, special case adoptions and agency adoptions.

Documentation Requirements for Adoption

You can contact us by telephone, email or letter to discuss any of your requirements.
Once we hear from you or the Adoption Agency, we will be in touch to request the following information to enable us to prepare the necessary application documents:

  • Details of general and extended family situation
  • Assets
  • Liabilities and commitments
  • Your state of health
  • Your intention as to the proposed religious upbringing of the child
  • A short description of your home and the people residing in it
  • Your interests, hobbies, etc.
  • Court convictions (if any)
  • Details of educational standards attained by you
  • Copies of your marriage and birth certificates together with birth certificates of other children whether natural or adopted.

Free adoption resources:

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