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Julian Burnside QC – Tuesday Lunchtime Speaker


October 31, 2013 1:00pm -
The College of Law, Level 16, 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

On Monday 31st October, the Firm hosted Julian Burnside QC as part of our Lunchtime Speaker Series at the College of Law Rooms. Julian spoke on ‘Ethical Leadership; unpopular causes’, and as expected raised numerous thought provoking issues and shone a light on many fact regarding asylum seekers in Australia. Julian is recognised as one of the leading advocates on Human Rights in the country and provided the capacity crowd with a first hand account of the conditions faced by those detained as illegal immigrants and also the circumstances that drive these people to flee their homelands.

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Maithri Panagoda, Partner, Julian Burnside QC & Howard Harrison, Managing Partner.

Please note, the date for this event has passed. You can no longer book.

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