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Law 9000 – Legal Best Practice

Carroll & O’Dea’s commitment to best practice is a cornerstone of the firm. During the 1990s, we were the first law firm in NSW to achieve formal accreditation for quality in law. In 2005 we were among a handful of firms to achieve certification under the new professional standard, Law 9000 – Legal Best Practice.

Striving for best practice and constantly looking for ways that we can improve the way we work is a fundamental part of the firm’s culture. As part of maintaining our Law 9000 – Legal Best Practice certification, we work through a cycle of ongoing internal and external audits to ensure compliance, identify any gaps and establish internal forums for sharing innovation.

Our state-of-the-art case management system has allowed us to automate workflow and to eliminate re-working and waste, making our legal services faster, cheaper and more risk proof. Tasks are prioritised automatically, ensuring that key dates will not be missed.

A big advantage for our clients is that we can guarantee the integrity of our data. Relevant precedents are updated automatically when new information is entered at one source. If required, we can generate regular comprehensive status reports and exception reports to cover large and complex transactions, helping you keep up to date with matters which involve a multitude of steps.

We know that underlying any quality system is good communication. Whatever your preferred style, we’ll fit in with it. We can give you online access to our files so you can monitor the progress of your matters around the clock if you wish. Or you can keep it simple and any time you need to, just give us a call.

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