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Media Statement – Dr Emil Gayed

Media Statement – Dr Emil Gayed

Published on October 9, 2018 by Bill Madden and Justine AndersonBill Madden and Justine Anderson

On 9 October 2018 the Civil & Administrative Tribunal of New South Wales published its decision reasons in the matter of Health Care Complaints Commission v Gayed.

Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers represent a number of women who are considering claims for compensation against Dr Gayed or the hospitals where he practised.

Bill Madden & Justine Anderson, the lawyers investigating those claims, have said that:

“The publication of the professional misconduct reasons regarding Dr Gayed will no doubt be appreciated by our clients, as it helps them to understand the history of Dr Gayed and the steps which were from time to time taken by the Health Care Complaints Commission, the NSW Medical Board and the Professional Standards Committee.”

“It is of course concerning to see the number of complaints which were made in relation to Dr Gayed, dating back to 1997.  He was first suspended from practice at Southern Area Health Service in 1998. In 2001 a Professional Standards enquiry considered nine complaints and  conditions were imposed on his registration including limiting the types of surgical procedures he could undertake. In 2003 North Sydney Area Health Service temporarily suspended Dr Gayed’s appointment. In 2007 the NSW Medical Board received notice of a number of clinical incidents involving the doctor and noted that he had resigned his appointment at Mona Vale Hospital. The complaints addressed by the Tribunal in this decision appear to date from 2013 until 2016.”

“The earlier and more recent complaints appear to cover a range of practise concerns – including procedures being performed without the complete consent of the patients, inadequate medical records, clinical skills concerns and the performance of at least one procedure in breach of conditions which had been placed on him.”

“With such a long history of concerns and the doctor’s later engagement at a regional hospital, the expected publication in late October 2018 of inquiry findings by Ms Gail Furness SC should add to our understanding of how the more recent patient complaints, giving rise to the professional misconduct findings, came about.”

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