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NSW ‘bullying’ case settles for in excess of $1 million and sends clear message on devastating impact of workplace bullying

NSW ‘bullying’ case settles for in excess of $1 million and sends clear message on devastating impact of workplace bullying

Published on October 13, 2016 by Lucinda GunningLucinda Gunning

A NSW woman has settled a workplace bullying case for in excess of $1 million in damages and insurances benefits with the case highlighting the extent of personal injury suffered as a result of workplace bullying.

The case, managed by leading firm Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, demonstrates the devastating consequences of workplace bullying on the mental health and wellbeing of victims and their capacity to work in the future.

“In this case the effect and long-term impact of workplace bullying has been so severe that the victim is no longer able to work”, said Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers’ Lucinda Gunning.

“The is another stark reminder to employers of their obligation to provide a safe working environment for all employees free of bullying and intimidation.

“The award of more than $1 million in damages to the woman who was employed in a professional role in NSW, demonstrates the significant injury and harm she suffered and the impact of that on her future working life.

“The case resulted from the sustained bullying and victimisation the employee endured from her immediate supervisors and which led to her suffering total impairment under the NSW Workers Compensation legislation.

“Workplace bullying presents a serious threat to the health and well being of employees and exposes all employers to such actions.

“In cases such as this one, the bullying resulted in serious psychological injury which has been proven and which means this employee can no longer work.

“That is a terrible outcome for any employee and is a significant factor in the size of the damages awarded in this case.

“This case is another reminder of the serious consequences of workplace bullying and the need for all employers to ensure that workplaces are safe and supportive environments that proactively address and minimise the opportunities for bullying of staff”, said Ms Gunning.

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