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Article 5 - Ensuring 'no holes' in the TPD Safety net

Article 5 – Ensuring ‘no holes’ in the TPD Safety net

Published on August 15, 2022 by David CooreyDavid Coorey

TPD is intended as a financial safety net when you need it most.[1]

Without the security of regular income from your job and given the impact of your illness or injury, you are relying on an Insurer to do the right thing when they assess your TPD claim.

However, ASIC reports running a TPD claim can be a high stakes encounter for many ill or injured people.[2]

Many people don’t know that TPD claims can be refused or are withdrawn at higher rates than most other Insurance claims.

There is a level of confusion and misunderstanding in TPD claims which can involve complex assessments – which is why you should seek legal advice if you have concerns.

At Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers we understand how important your TPD claim is to you and your family. Your financial future depends on it and we believe we can make a real difference

Running a successful TPD claim is when experience matters

When you have been ill or injured, you are probably experiencing one of the most challenging and stressful times of your life. Add to that the stress of running your own TPD claim and it can be overwhelming.

Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers know how important it is to be prepared in providing the most relevant information to the Insurer when it gets lodged and how to manage your claim once it has been lodged.

Our job is to ensure all key aspects of your TPD claim are identified – and your Insurer truly understand the challenges you’re facing since becoming ill or injured.

We know what really matters when it comes to running a successful TPD claim:

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[1] ASIC Report 633: Holes in the Safety Net – A review of TPD Insurance claims

[2] ASIC Report 633: Holes in the Safety Net – A review of TPD Insurance Claims

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