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Coronavirus- What you need to know if you are currently on WorkCover in Victoria?

Coronavirus- What you need to know if you are currently on WorkCover in Victoria?

Published on March 27, 2020

If you are injured in Victoria and are currently on WorkCover, here’s what you need to know:

  • We recommend you contact your medical health practitioners and inform yourself on whether or not they are still working and what their plan may be moving forward if we are forced by the Australian Government into stricter self – isolation restrictions;
  • If you are in isolation and are unable to go to your doctor for your Certificates of Capacity, we recommend you contact the Agent (Insurer/Self-Insurer) and seek approval for “Telehealth Services” which could mean you can seek medical care via telephone or video medical consultation and obtain a valid Certificate of Capacity;
  • A Certificate of Capacity may be valid for up to 28 days as per your medical practitioner’s recommendation however, if you find yourself in special circumstances, you may apply to the Agent for their authorisation in obtaining an extended Certificate of Capacity;
  • If you have an Agent Scheduled Independent Medical Examination (IME) and find yourself suddenly ill or with questionable symptoms, you must inform the Agent immediately and see what options they provide for you;

If you have recently acquired an injury at work in Victoria:

  • It is so important to give Notice of your injury to your employer within 30 days of your injury or within 30 days of when you become aware of your injury. This is a requirement under the Workers Injury Rehabilitation Compensation Act (‘the WIRC Act’);
  • It is best to give Notice in writing (like an email or letter to your employer contact/ Human Resources Department) and it is highly encouraged that you seek acknowledgement from your employer that they have registered your injury just to confirm they are aware of your injury or injuries;
  • If you find yourself in special circumstances where giving Notice of your injury is difficulty for whatever reason, we encourage that you communicate your injury to your employer. Whilst giving Notice in written form is the preferred option, you should notify your employer of your injury as quickly and as best you can;
  • Complete a WorkCover claim form as soon as you are injured or become aware of your injuries. WorkCover claim forms can be downloaded from the Victorian WorkSafe Website, obtained from the post office or the Victorian Carroll & O’Dea team can mail one out to you;
  • A Valid Certificate of Capacity must be accompanied with this claim form.
  • Your completed claim form with accompanying Certificate of Capacity needs to be given to your employer-this can be mailed in and we recommend using registered post or contacting us for assistance in this process.
  • It is the employer’s responsibility to give your claim form to the Agent.
  • If you contacted the Corona Virus at work, notify your employer. Not only is this the most responsible thing you can do to manage the risk to others whom you may have been in contact with, it may be important at a later date when we have more of an understanding on how Covid-19 will be dealt with from a legal workover perspective and what the long-term health impacts of the illness are.

By Nadia Grech – Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law

26 March 2020




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