Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers

“Honesty. Integrity. That is absolute bedrock. So you act in one way and one way only. And that is ethically. That is the mantra and that is just part of the firm’s philosophy.”
- David Jones, Partner & accredited personal injury specialist
Our Experience I Solutions Together
Backed by a tradition that spans 115 years, Carroll & O’Dea stands for quality in law. We provide legal services of the highest calibre.
We’re proud that for decades, our firm has been at the forefront of change. The cases we’ve fought in the courts have helped shape legislation and public thinking. Over the years our work has helped give access to justice to ordinary and marginalised Australians.
We work for individuals and for large and small companies in many industries. The breadth of our experience in the not-for-profit sector is unique. Whether we can assist you with a business venture, a property transaction, commercial advice, or a compensation claim, we’ll make sure we complete your work to the highest possible standard. 
Above all, our advice is practical. We encourage negotiation and mediation and we’ll always seek to create avenues for the early settlement of your case when this is in your best interests.
Our talented team of lawyers include accredited specialists in business lawproperty law, employment law and in personal injury law.

Tuesday Lunchtime Speaker Series
Carroll & O'Dea regularly invites prominent speakers to address its staff and guests on a variety of issues and topics. These talks address both legal issues as well as wider societal issues.

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