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FAQ’s Business Law

1. What do the Business Lawyers do?

  • All types of legal work for local and international businesses.
  • Restructuring and compliance issues for all types of clients including individuals, not-for-profit groups, industry and industrial associations, partnerships, companies and trusts.
  • Trust, estate and asset protection issues.
  • Special projects including commissions of inquiry, fiduciary recoveries, complex disputes and like matters.

2. How do you charge?
We are happy to do fixed charges for work where our time spent won’t be affected by others. Where time spent is beyond our control, we will charge on an hourly rate, but first provide an estimate to the client. This also puts an expectation on us to be as efficient as practical.

3. Is there a charge for the first conference?
There is generally no charge for the 45 minutes of meeting with a new client introduced by one of our existing clients or contacts. In other cases different terms may apply.

4. Is there any other requirement before you open a file?
We first need to do a conflict search and gain a general understanding of the proposed work and client goals, so that we and the potential client can work out whether the relationship will work for both parties.

5. How often do you bill?

Normally monthly.

6. Do you do contingency work?
The Business Lawyers division does not do contingency work.

7. How do you work with the other specialist groups at Carroll & O’Dea including commercial property, commercial litigation, employment, not-for-profit and immigration?
We work closely with the other groups, and draw on their resources as needed for a project.

8. How do you integrate your work with work by a client’s accountant?
A high proportion of our work involves co-ordination with the internal or external accountants for our clients. We are always pleased to work with existing accountants for a client, since they will have the best knowledge of the client’s affairs and of any particular tax traps.

9. What is your general approach?
We listen very closely to a client, and work together throughout the project drawing on their expertise and ours, to get the best results. The client’s accountant will often be a key part of this “team effort”.

10. Who should I contact to discuss a possible job for the Business Lawyers Group?
The first point of contact is Selwyn Black, Partner, on phone (02) 8226 7359, email

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