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Fair Work Commission Updates Definition of Bullying

Fair Work Commission Updates Definition of Bullying

Published on February 17, 2015

In a recent decision rejecting allegations of bullying by a Lawyer employed in the financial sector,  Vice President Hatcher has suggested that the Australian Fair Work commission will find any of the following conduct to constitute bullying:
“intimidation, coercion, threats, humiliation, shouting, sarcasm, victimisation, terrorising, singling-out, malicious pranks, physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, belittling, bad faith, harassment, conspiracy to harm, ganging-up, isolation, freezing-out, ostracism, innuendo, rumour-mongering, disrespect, mobbing, mocking, victim-blaming and discrimination.”

Even though the employers conduct was in some respects less than desirable, Hatcher VP found that the lawyer, who had been placed on a performance improvement programme, failed to establish that she had been subjected to conduct falling within those descriptors.

To review the decision click he17re.

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