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White Barnes Solicitors joins Carroll & O'Dea

White Barnes Solicitors joins Carroll & O’Dea

Published on August 19, 2013 by Michael Barnes , Scott Dougall , Peter Lleonart and Stephen O’Halloran

The Partners of Carroll & O’Dea are pleased to announce that that a number of the partners and a team of lawyers from the Sydney based law firm White Barnes Solicitors have joined Carroll & O’Dea effective today.

There has been a long association between Carroll & O’Dea and White Barnes with the two firms having much in common in terms of history; culture and community involvement.

White Barnes has been a leading firm over the past 50 years, particularly in the area of compensation law.  They have a number of large clients along with vast experience in compensation law, as well as employment law.

The move creates an opportunity for Carroll & O’Dea to expand the compensation law and employment services it offers to clients in Western Sydney.

The Partners of Carroll & O’Dea welcome the White Barnes team on board.

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