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ACNC Updates

From 1 July 2020, a number of charities seeking DGR registration will no longer apply to a Federal Government Minister, but will instead apply directly to the ACNC.

The following DGR categories will be dealt with by the ACNC to centralise the registration process:

  1. Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme;
  2. Register of Cultural Organisations;
  3. Register of Environmental Organisations; and
  4. Register of Harm Prevention Charities.

The purpose of the DGR reforms is to eliminate the doubling up of reporting requirements. It will simplify the administrative process and prevent the need for not-for-profit organisations to report to various government departments mentioned above as well as to the ACNC. The reforms also aim to add a new level of transparency with organisations subject to external conduct standards overseen by the ACNC to ensure public confidence in their activities.

Josephine Heesh, Partner 

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