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Good News

Carroll & O’Dea congratulates Anna Burke on being named on Australia Day as an Officer of the Order of Australia for 2019. Anna’s brother, Paul Burke, Special Counsel at Carroll & O’Dea, has expressed his pride for his well-deserving sister. He has commended her for the many years she has spent serving the Australian people as a dedicated federal Labor politician and as an advocate for charities and not-for-profit organisations, Paul says that Anna’s appointment is a testament to her ongoing commitment and support for her community.

In 2012, Anna became only the second female Speaker of the House of Representatives in Australia. As well as her political achievements, Anna works closely with Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia and is a passionate supporter of “Honour a Woman”, an organisation with a purpose of having more women nominated for Australian honours. Understanding the importance of honouring and recognising the achievement of women in different fields, Anna now says she appreciates that the recognition of deserving women will not occur if “people like myself keep knocking them back”.

We encourage you to take the initiative of nominating that person who has impacted you today: it is the understated who are achieving effective change and improvement, and may not be noticed unless you alert their fellow Australians to the worthy contribution they are making.

Josephine Heesh, Partner

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