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Key Personnel Salary/Remuneration Packages

Implemented in 2022, the new remuneration reporting rules have been put in place by the ACNC to help ensure the transparency and accountability of charities.

Only certain charities need to report key management personnel remuneration.

Small charity: they are not required to submit an annual financial report and are therefore exempt from reporting key management personnel remuneration.

Medium charity: if the charity prepares:

  • General Purpose Financial Statements, it must report key management personnel remuneration.
  • Special Purpose Financial Statements, the reporting of key management personnel remuneration is optional.

Large Charity: they must report key management personnel remuneration (unless an exemption applies).

Charities should be aware that remuneration can encompass financial items such as wages, salaries, and bonuses – as well as non-financial items including the provision of free or subsidised goods and services (for e.g. use of a car).

It is important for all charities to consider the measures they will take to ensure transparency in relation to remuneration to board members, trustees, and senior staff.  This is not to say that charities are prohibited from paying senior staff. Senior staff should be paid for their work. Rather, it is about the charity demonstrating to the wider public that the charity is run efficiently and responsibly.

Grace Brophy, Lawyer
Josephine Heesh, Partner

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