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Grappling With Technology

Published on June 28, 2012 by Howard Harrison

With blogging, tweeting and status updates becoming second nature to most employees, the need for a comprehensive social media policy to govern appropriate online behaviour has become increasingly apparent.
With social media’s ever increasing popularity and its presence infiltrating most work places, there is a developing need for employers, where access is given, to create and communicate clear guidelines, boundaries and conditions of use to not only ensure responsible workplace use but also to limit liability regarding unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment.
In response to this need, Carroll & O’Dea’s social media policy has been developed, after undergoing significant partner involvement, and will be launched on July 20. Our policy has been developed to help empower our employees to take part in this new frontier of marketing and communications and illustrates the firms desire to continually develop and embrace technological change.
In addition, at the start of June, the firm also transferred its management system over to Aderant Expert. The move will enable us to easily adapt to changing market conditions and add new capabilities as the firm and business grows. Aderant Expert will be a vital tool for helping the firm more effectively manage, grow and protect our clients and their needs.

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